After-School Programming Focuses on Life Skills Development

Dallas, Texas – March 2016 – Incarnation House ( recently opened its doors to serve as a safe and consistent after-school destination for at-risk youth in the Uptown neighborhood of Dallas. The new drop-in center functions as a hub of collective community partners and organizations to provide support and resources for the transitional youth it serves.

“We know at-risk and homeless youth need more than food and physical resources,” said Incarnation House Executive Director Teresa Keenan. “They need people who will invest in them and invest in their futures. At Incarnation House, we want to foster a sense of hope for a better future by helping guide these kids through their high school years and preparing them for what lies ahead.”

In collaboration with its partners, including Admissions Aid, Big Thought, Momentous Institute and Parkland, services provided at Incarnation House include meals, health care, academic support, career counseling, tutoring, life skills development, transportation, and more. While at Incarnation House, youth have access to a range of activities and resources, including an art room, a sound studio, a computer lab, and more to help develop skills and expose them to new opportunities.

“With approximately 3,000 kids in Dallas ISD who are designated homeless, there is a serious issue that we are trying to address,” Keenan said. “We have the ability to pull an entire community together to be a part of the solution.”

Members of the community and community organizations may get involved with Incarnation House through volunteering, donations (monetary and in-kind), or through programming needs, such as tutoring and life skills classes.

In addition to opening its doors in early 2016, Incarnation House has expanded its board of trustees. New trustees include: Lisa Arpey, Michelle Cox, Nancy S. Footer, Donna Halstead, and Phyllis Cole McKnight.

Other members of the board of trustees include: Chairman Bill Lively, Deacon Dorothy Budd, Bishop Anthony Burton, Marilyn Corrigan, Dow Crocker, Stephen Goldmann, Margo Keyes, Dianne LaRoe, Lisa Longino, Janet Mockovciak, Jan Pickens, Mary Suhm, and Tommy Valenta.

Dedicated staff and consistent volunteers manage Incarnation House, which is open Monday through Thursday from 4 to 8 p.m. during the regular school year. For more information, visit the Incarnation House website or call (214) 681-2373.

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Incarnation House, located in the heart of Uptown Dallas, is a center dedicated to serving the needs of transitional high school students with after-school programming that helps to develop essential life skills, provide emotional support and physical resources, and foster a sense of hope for a future free from the bondage of poverty. A 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Incarnation House is a hub and functions as a collaborator among its volunteers and partners in order to provide support and resources for the youth it serves. For more information, visit or contact us at (214) 681-2373 or Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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