What We Do

Although our students attend school in a wealthy area, their lives are riddled with gaps in services, opportunities, health care, and education. Incarnation House acts as a hub for local organizations and non-profits to fill those gaps. By partnering with 20+ organizations, our students are receiving services they otherwise would not have access to. We focus on 4 areas: Education, Health and Wellness, Vocational Support, and Enrichment Activities. Through safe, lasting relationships with supportive adults and peers, the family atmosphere of Incarnation House has created a culture where students are allowed to explore, learn, try new things, and grow to be their best self.


We believe that education is one of the most powerful tools we have to combat generational poverty and homelessness. Incarnation House provides students with: individual tutors, tours of local colleges and universities, mentors to assist with the college application process, as well as creative and socioemotional learning opportunities. Students raise their expectations of themselves and with this support, learn the skills needed to achieve those expectations.

Health and Wellness

Because of a lack of access to health resources, many families living in poverty do not address health concerns until they become urgent. The mental health of our students is just as important as their physical well-being, and research shows that a healthy mind promotes a healthy body. We work with community partners to provide services that are preventative in nature, promoting health awareness and tools to help improve the entire well-being of our students. These include exercise and nutrition coaching, meditation, growth mindset training, art therapy, and sex education/pregnancy prevention.

Vocational Support

Rather than focusing solely on college, the focus of Incarnation House is to assist our students in acquiring living wage jobs through which they can support a family. For some of our students, this path will include college, junior college, trade school, or the military. Our partners work with our students by taking them on college tours, touring local businesses, learning about different careers, and providing students with internships in their area of interest.


Our students go to school right across the street from museums, sports venues, zoos, music centers, and so much more. But these are inaccessible to someone lacking expendable income or transportation. Part of the Incarnation House program is giving our students the opportunity to experience as much of Dallas as possible.