In DISD alone,

3,000 students are designated homeless, meaning they don’t have a consistent residence to go to each night.

At North Dallas High School:

  • More than 80 percent of kids are considered economically disadvantaged
  • 71 percent of kids are considered high-risk
  • Nearly 200 students have no place to call home

On an average day, these kids must navigate public transportation just to get to school and are oftentimes responsible for their younger siblings.

They come from backgrounds of poverty, neglect and abuse. They are not sure where they will be able to shower or even secure a toothbrush. Most of them have never been to a dentist or sat down to a home-cooked meal.

Despite all of this, these kids are showing up, working hard and participating in school and extracurricular activities. These kids are talented and deserve what every child deserves – a future. These kids are the next great composers, artists and thinkers of Dallas who may go on to impact our city if they are given the opportunity and the support they desperately need.