The mission of Incarnation House is to partner with the vulnerable youth of Dallas to access the physical, educational and emotional resources necessary to live an independent and successful future. Our vision is for all young people to reach adulthood healthy, supported and with full opportunity to thrive in life.

About Incarnation House

The seed for Incarnation House, now its own 501(c) 3 organization was started in 2012 when the Church of the Incarnation, in conjunction with DISD created a Drop-in Friday program at North Dallas High School for students homeless or in unstable housing situations. Incarnation House opened its newly renovated center on January 6, 2016.


  • Corey
    Corey is 16 and the youngest of 4 children. While growing up, his mom would move him and his siblings every couple of years, causing him to be held back twice. They have been in and out of homeless shelters and government housing his whole life. He is now a freshman in high school, and they have been living in the same city for 5 years! Corey is a fun-loving, energetic, and enthusiastic kid. He enjoys video games, art, and has just started learning how to play chess. He is always eager to try something new and never shies away from anything. After being in a somewhat stable environment for 2 year, Corey’s mom has stopped coming home, and their water was shut off by the city for failure to pay. In addition, the Heating and Air-conditioning units went out. Corey is now living in the house with one of his older brothers.
  • Kendra
     Kendra, 17, has a history of aggressive behavior that has continually gotten her in trouble, until she found an outlet in the way of wrestling. Wrestling provided her with an outlet in which to express her frustration and anger while a teacher her discipline and hard work. A year and a half ago, while living in the Interfaith Transitional Living Program, Kendra’s older brother got arrested and convicted for a crime, causing Interfaith to terminate their assistance. This landed Kendra’s family on the street with no place to go. For a couple of months, they were in and out of friend’s houses and staying in the car when nothing else was available. After a few months on the street, they went to stay at a local family shelter. During this time, Kendra needed wrestling more than ever as it became her outlet. Kendra is strong and determined. She is fun-loving and enjoys being the life of the party. Her personality lights up a room, the moment she enters it.
  • Mariah
    Mariah is a senior at North Dallas High School and will be turning 18 soon! Her past is full of moving constantly and short amounts of time in shelters. Her family now lives 20 minutes away from school. Because she and her brother are now seniors, they make the hour and a half DART trip to school every morning, so they can finish high school where they started. Both Mariah and her brother recently got jobs and work on the weekends. Because Mariah and her brother got jobs, their family’s food assistance went down to $8 a month. This means that any money they make at their job has to go towards food for the family, making it hard to save for the future. Mariah will graduate in May and will attend junior college. She is confident and strong-willed and will not let anyone tell her that she is unable to accomplish her dreams.
  • Elijah
    As the oldest of 7, Elijah, a junior at North Dallas, does everything he can to steal some quiet time. An incredible artist, you often times find him in our Art Studio putting his creativity down for everyone to see. With a history of abuse, Elijah tends to keep all his worries and concerns to himself. His family left an abusive home and stayed in a shelter for a period of time before they could secure housing. Through art, he can express his thoughts, and views of the world. Despite having 7 children to share time with, Elijah’s mother is engaged and dedicated to each one of her children and spends as much time as possible with all of them. With a heart for volunteering, Elijah is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others.

What We Do

Incarnation House is planting a seed of hope in lives of at-risk teens in Dallas.

Numerous studies have linked living in poverty with academic struggles and dropping out of school, resulting from a lack of available resources, including mentors, academic, financial and emotional support. At North Dallas High School, 80% of the students are economically disadvantage, 71% are considered high-risk and 150 have no home. They come from backgrounds of poverty and neglect and are living in unstable housing.

Located in the heart of Uptown Dallas, Incarnation House offers a safe and consistent after-school destination that feels like home and programming where each student is valued for who they are as an individual. We are dedicated to closing the opportunity gap by ensuring homeless and low-income youth have access to academically enriching activities. With a team-driven approach, staff, volunteers and over 20 nonprofit partners collaborate to deliver the following services:

  • Case Management & Counseling
  • Medical and Dental
  • Life Skills
  • Educational Support
  • Vocational Support
  • Unique Educational & Enrichment Activities

Our hope is to permanently change the course of at-risk youth’s lives, putting them on a track to reach their full potential. Our goal is to ensure they have a high school degree, access to post-secondary education and vocational support that will provide them with a sustainable career path.

They are the next great composers, artists and thinkers of Dallas, who may go on to impact our city if they are given the opportunity and the support they desperately need.

Your contribution will help us to make a difference, and together we can change the face of homelessness in our community.

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